Heynckes err again — Real Madrid is in the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final

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In the return match, 1st May 2018, Real Madrid – Bayern Munich 2:2 (aggregate 4:3) Bayern manager Jupp Heynckes stubbornly played the same bad players mentioned in the previous post (URL https://iatelier-berlin.de/wp/?p=134). Not only that but this two: goalie Ulreich and Tolisso made catastrophic error that won’t only cost Bayern finals qualifier but will go into those YouTube videos of Ten most spectacular errors in football (like when goalie puts the ball aside and start arguing, while the opponent player just kicks it in the goal).

Mats Hummels later said: We gave Real two “presents”, but this is an euphemism as it was the “Patzer Fehler” not even children would make. Tolisso, his head down like an ostrich (one of the major things in football training is -RAISE your head and SEE whom you’re passing the ball – Tolisso (45mil transfer) apparently didn’t have that football education) troubled surrounded with 3 Real players sends the lame ball back to his 16m box (ERROR Nr. 1). It seemed that goalie Ulreich will be faster than Benzema, who like a fox sees his chance for a unexpected prey, and breaks from the crowd into 16m box. Ulreich wants to get the ball with his hands (which is forbidden and is penalised with an indirect free kick (FIFA Laws of the Game 2017-2018
http://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/official-documents/law-regulations/index.html), changes his mind to bounce it with a leg, but misses ??!! (ERROR Nr. 2) and the ball under his legs rolls gently towards the open goalpost like on the Snooker table. Benzema is there kicking it softly into the net, for his double-pack and booking Real the tickets for the finals in Kiev.

Again Heynckes, who now covers himself, by praising Bayern’s performance in the rest of the game, played wrong players and definitely lost the place in the Champions League 2017/18 finals.

In the build-up to the game there was talking that major Bayern strikers Lewandowski and Müller do not score lately in CL and Heynckes was defending them. However, I remember some years ago when he was also the team manager and Croat Ivica Olic with two goals assured Bayern’s place in the semis, on the questions how was he pleased with Olic goals – said bluntly: “But it is the task of a striker to score,” implying nothing special. Why wasn’t he using the same criterion for Lewandowski and Miller who in two games with Real scored ZERO goals? Actually it is the defender Joshua Kimmich who, with 2 goals in 2 games against Real, can now challenge Ronaldo with 9 goals against Bayern 😉

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