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Come again next morning

Internet, media, programing, tech-watch Hello Ryanair website programers. It is 20th November, 2017 Monday 3.15am Text says: “You are a bit early come tomorrow again to see the daily offer.” 0

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TNT programming blunders

consumer protection, Internet, programing, tech-watch PROGRAMMING BLUNDERS Watchdog in times with increased dependencies on software and its mismanagement / badly designed and/or programmed and/or not properly tested. ——————————————————————————– Less than 2 months TNT is putting back the used AWBs/tracking numbers and ... 0

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consumer protection, Internet, Mobile Internet, programing, tech-watch, Technology I went through the most miserable moments in my whole professional computer career. With optimal connection 25KB/sec download and 7KB/sec upload bandwidth on cellular Internet connection (costing €4.95 a day; T-Mobile web’n’walk USB Stick basic; declared as UMTS 3600 kbps Downstream / 384 kBit/s Upstream). So I am basically 20 years back to modems of 14.4KB/sec My coverage of the cellular Internet connection is ... 0

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(Frustrating, unreliable) Technology of times in which we live (beginning of 21st century, year 2010)

Internet, Technology My 4.5 year old boy brought to me PEZ menthol ‘bonbons’ holder (this one was with Tom of Tom & Jerry cartoon characters). Something was wrong as we couldn’t slide it smoothly in and out of the plastic frame. Just another cheap mass production to start your day with a frustration. Then came another — from Internet computer industry, PayPal payment couldn’t be handled properly by eBay database ... 1

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