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TNT programming blunders

consumer protection, Internet, programing, tech-watch PROGRAMMING BLUNDERS Watchdog in times with increased dependencies on software and its mismanagement / badly designed and/or programmed and/or not properly tested. ——————————————————————————– Less than 2 months TNT is putting back the used AWBs/tracking numbers and ... 0

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consumer protection, Internet, Mobile Internet, programing, tech-watch, Technology I went through the most miserable moments in my whole professional computer career. With optimal connection 25KB/sec download and 7KB/sec upload bandwidth on cellular Internet connection (costing €4.95 a day; T-Mobile web’n’walk USB Stick basic; declared as UMTS 3600 kbps Downstream / 384 kBit/s Upstream). So I am basically 20 years back to modems of 14.4KB/sec My coverage of the cellular Internet connection is ... 0

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