TNT programming blunders

consumer protection, Internet, programing, tech-watch

Watchdog in times with increased dependencies on software
and its mismanagement / badly designed and/or programmed and/or not properly tested.

Less than 2 months TNT is putting back the used AWBs/tracking numbers
and sending announcement of immediate delivery.
A customer finds utmost confusion as the old database record is still there,
so only after wondering and careful analysis one realize the TNT blunder.
What a waste of time.

consignment destination pickup date   status
571845234    PRITZWALK 05 Apr 2012 Delivered

1:59 PM (18 hours ago)

TNT is pleased to advise you that… has arranged for a shipment to be collected from them on 01-Jun-2012 , and delivered to … .

The shipment has a TNT CONSIGNMENT NOTE NUMBER: 571845234

To be able to check the status of the shipment simply visit

and more detailed information on the consignment will be available

Benefit of IAB IT consultancy
with decades of experience in software design, testing and usability.

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