Why Coaches do not Replace Failed Goalkeepers!?

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I was reluctant to publish the previous post about https://iatelier-berlin.de/wp/?p=174

the 1.FC Köln – Demoted and Demotivated and goalkeepers never being replaced, when the new scandalous thing happened as Loris Karius, the goalie of FC Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final made TWO flops that not only costed his team the CL Cup but sent waves of disbelief around the world of football fans and despair or celebration, depending which club they were siding.

Karius gives Benzema goalKarius blunder giving Benzema the ball for Real opener

The first error was described as a blunder, since the Liverpool goalie Loris Karius (former Mainz 05 goalkeeper) threw the ball in Benzema’s direction, who was already withdrawing, and who being bred-in-the-bone footballer just intercepted the ball, which trickled into empty net. Like deja-vu of the previous Real’s CL game with Bayern, and the same man – great player, Karim Benzema !! https://iatelier-berlin.de/wp/?p=159

The second error, however, was total amateurish handling the ball, where Karius tries to stop Bale’s shot from 20-25m as if clapping the ball between hands. The ball hits his hands and through them goes into the net.
Even kids learn to stand in the direction of a ball with both hands shielding before trying to catch it or bounce it.

But even for the 2nd Bale’s masterpiece overhead goal, Karius was on the wrong footing, no concentration and with delayed reflex – his late dive was useless, maybe just to cover himself, as if he tried something.

Next morning UK newspaper “The Sun” online came with an astonishing twist:
“CRYING KARIUS Liverpool players slammed for not consoling Loris Karius at final whistle after Champions League final horror show”


I posted two comments, mostly meant to stress that as much as those were hopeless goalie howlers, it was also the mistake of the coach his countryman, originally from the same Mainz 05 club, Jürgen Klopp.

“Shameful performance of German goalie. Actually it is Klopp’s mistake for not replacing him after the 1st blunder.
Why consoling him – if I would be his team mate I would have been ANGRY with him! Hopeless goalie, ruined everything.”

“First and foremost “Boys don’t cry!”
When you ruin the result for your team
you should stand head up and sustain the
criticism – Karius gave such a bad example
to thousands of football aspiring lads.

2nd point is that hyped Klopp
had to replace blundering goalie.
Immediately – that’s manager’s mistake.

After the blunder, this Karius was like a
groggy boxer. The towel must be thrown in…
to use boxing terminology.
Klopp’s mistake.”

With 10 Likes and a number of replies these comments had good reception, for instance:

“I agree, he was absolutely useless and made 2 of the worst goalkeeping errors you will ever see. It was his fault that Liverpool lost the match and he deserves all the criticism that’s thrown at him. I completely understand why the Liverpool players didn’t go over to him after the match, I wouldn’t have done either as he let his entire team down.”

Klopp said at the press conference, annoyed and snappish:

“The mistakes were obvious, we don’t have to talk about that, its all clear; he knows it, I know it, you all know it.”


Well in this and a number of other recent games it went other way, he ruined even more! As a matter of fact Klopp MUST have taken him out – in order to protect him, and the team of further errors. To protect his career, as two famous goal keepers: Oliver Kahn (48) former Bayern and Germany keeper and Ray Clemence (69) former Liverpool and England keeper fear his career may have been destroyed.

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