Bayern must be REAListic

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Bayern – Real 1:2, Champions League semifinal 1st leg, Munich 25/04/2018

Jupp Heynckes, manager (coach) of Bayern opted for Rafinha (32yr) instead of Juan Bernat but had ‘Pech’ (bad luck) as in the first half an hour (8′, 34′) A.Robben (34yr) and J.Boateng (29yr) had muscles injuries and had to leave the game. Thiago Alacantara and N.Süle were replacements.

Bayern remained with only one possible substitute, and when in 75′ Martinez was also injured Corentin Tolisso came in.

Manager J.Heynckes lost the game for Bayern. Here is why.

A) Heynckes made totally wrong decisions about substitutions and that was ONE of the reasons for Bayern’s defeat. Firstly, leaving out Juan Bernat (25yr) Spaniard, who showed in matches with Sevilla that he plays well against Spanish teams. And if we are superstitious if he was on the pitch he wouldn’t have made that Patzer’s mistake as Rafinha that cost Bayern 2nd goal and the game, and possibly the qualifier in the Finals.

Instead of Robben who is motoric in Bayern’s attack and makes havoc with Kimmich on the right wing, there came Thiago, who was immediately lost somewhere in the middle, and right wing didn’t exist anymore. (Süle was the only logical substitute, as he is actually better then Boateng).

By the time Martinez had to leave Heynckes put in another midfielder (??), mediocre player Tolisso.
This phase of the game, if not earlier, asked for the goal – equalizer and for a striker to make it (not a midfielder to safeguard the result) and the only one, and right one, on the bench was Sandro Wagner.

Why Bayern spent so much and took such a player from Hoffenheim, to keep him on the bench in the decisive moments and the decisive game??

So BASICALLY Bayern had no attack and therefore no goals.

We heard Müller, Heynckes and commentators speaking about many chances (?!) but that were only solo breakthroughs by ‘desperate’ F.Ribery, however Real goalie K.Navas was always blocking all of these.

Also, Lewandowski and Ronaldo were nowhere to be seen, in spite of the hype before the game, that it will be their duel, and how much goals each of them scored against each other (Ronaldo=9 against Bayern
Lewandowski=5 (for Borussia Dortmund against Real in 2012/13 season))

B) There is already for quite some time talk that goalkeeper Manuel Neuer because of his injury and 8 months away from playing football, while his substitute S.Ulreich was making better and better performances – won’t have place in the team.

Although he appeared to be healed and fit Heynckes wouldn’t consider putting him in the team for such an important match (“Maybe he may play last Bundesliga game, not so important.”). Well, the result is that Ulreich got two goals, and I am sure Neuer wouldn’t have let the first one – Asensio was already too far left, and his light shot went through hands of Ulreich.

RESULT: 2:1 for Real Madrid. Bayern manager Heynckes made wrong substitutions and had no attack and no goals. He made a wrong decision about the goal keeper, and Real scored twice.
It’s Haynkes defeat, clearly.

No commentators, no interviews after the game or newspapers ever mentioned any of this.

Only a hint by Italian Corriere dello Sport: “The Bayern coaches change, but not even Heynckes seems to create the victory that Guardiola and Ancelotti dreamed of.”

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