Chelsea deserved winner of UEFA Champions League 2012

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(FC Bayern München vs. Chelsea FC 4:5 (1:1 (0:0 half time) 1:1 extra time; 3:4 penalty shoot-out)

They had everything:
– Home play in the final (unheard of?!)
– 4 major players led by Terry in the auditorium with yellow cards,
– referee on their side – no penalty against Tores, but light touch shoe to shoe of Drogba
and penalty kick?? (which Cech saved!)
– leading goal 5 min before the end
– missed penalty by Mata in penalty shoot-outs

yet Bayern couldn’t win.
Serves them right!

The real winner of this competition succeeded against all odds!
It is reassuring watching how sovereign Chelsea was in Munich,
playing against home team in the UEFA Champions League finals!

With the UEFA cup high above heads small company from England on tour to Bavaria
Lampard, Mata, Terry, Drogba, Cech and friends
were really at the pick of the career,
and it’s a crying time again for Bayern
and their unsympathetic coach Jupp Heynckes.
The only one whom I’m sorry about – Ivica Olic,
who missed the first penalty kick for Bayern in shoot-outs.
(Like always the coach kept him whole match out
only after Ribery’s injury Olic got a late chance.)
He will probably have to go – but better for him
the rare “labourer” in the team was hardly getting any chance,
next to favorised but never scoring spitz-player, striker Gomes.


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