Bayern lost or Hertha won? Hertha – Bayern 2:0

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Hertha – Bayern 2:0 (2:0)
6. Bundesliga Spieltag 28.09.18

Ibišević (penalty) 23′
Duda 44′
Sold out Olympia stadium: 74669 spectators.

Game Review.

I had a notion that this will be a difficult game for Bayern, after both teams didn’t do well in so-called “English week” (games were played also Tue-Wed like in England) due to the forthcoming UEFA Nations League 2nd round.
It seems that Bayern players felt the same, as they didn’t make any chances until Boateng header off target in 14′.

Bayern played in a light gray-green away gear, looking like some modern pyjama and it was so irritating watching them in that odd jerseys instead their traditional red! Thumbs down for the designer. From my 19th row it was difficult to tell who is who.

Except for 7 Ribery, who was dribbling Lazaro, but his crosses in 16m box became either pray of Hertha defence, or Boateng and Lewandowski headers missed the goal. Whether attacking from left (Ribery) or right wing (Robben, Kimmich) Bayern’s play was convoluted, too much complicated while Hertha’s defence was excellent, including strong 2nd goalkeeper Kraft.

From the previous paragraph it looks as Bayern lost, but it was Hertha which won, playing simple, efficient counterattacks.

23′ 1:0
The first goal from penalty was controversial for some Bayern players, but Boateng crashed Kalou with 2-legs sliding tackle. Bayern’s coach N.Kovač said that since the ball was already away, it wasn’t necessary to commit penalty. Neuer was badly positioned, gambled, and gave Ibišević more than a half plain goal space for his shot 1:0.

44′ 2:0
As much as Lazaro was weak in defence, losing most of direct duels as a right full back, that much he was good as a right winger, and Hertha on his breakthrough scored 2nd.

The chess check-mate metaphor was using by happy Pal Dardai, Hertha’s manager, Kalou pass to Lazaro, who sped around Boateng, pass back inside 6m box – check, Duda scored: mate!! Check, check, mate!!

The 2nd half in spite 3 substitutions: Müller for Robben, Wagner for James and Gnabry for Sanches didn’t bring Bayern any advantage.

Bayern / Hertha playing analysis.

Bayern plays without a middle field, without a playmaker. If rasta hairstyle Sanches imagines he is that one, he is actually a ‘soler’, who occasionally amuses the audience, but he serves no usable balls.
It is actually Boateng, who sends the ball to either wing where full backs Alaba and Kimmich double as wings. (Notably, while Robben and Kimmich play triangle double passes, and Robben often takes the ball towards the centre, Ribery always tries to sneak along the goal line, and Alaba plays on his own as a second left-wing.) Since Süle always stays back, it is unclear what Thiago and James do in the game. Filling the space I guess, since Bayern game as outlined goes over wings while Lewandowski just waits in the 16m-box for usable balls.

Hertha had defence key for such a Bayern strategy, plus they were fairly equal in direct duels. While the game statistics reveals tons of other information:

                Hertha Bayern
Shots           6      16
On target       3      3
Ball possession 31%    69%
Corners         1      14
Goal kicks      17     3

And in spite of numbers showing Bayern dominance, the picture on the pitch of Olympia stadium looked differently, as Hertha was not only level but WON the game!

Ibisevic shoot penalty23′ Ibišević about to shoot penalty

Corner for Bayern29′ Bayern has been awarded corner by referee Marco Fritz

Viewer experience at the Olympia stadium.

I got a ticket through some friends, Bayern supporters, and ended up in the guests corner of Olympia stadium on the opposite side of what is called Marathon EINGANG (West) . Bayern supporters weren’t a rowdy crowd except that they have a habit of standing up each time Bayern on our side had a goal chance or a 16m box invasion. But that didn’t happen first 14min so I could concentrate watching the game. Except that the column supporting the tent was just in the middle of the viewsight (Sichtbehinderung). That is a hospitality on the Olympia stadium. Also, while host team Hertha was announced with a flashy slide show, there was no lineup of the guest team, Bayern, and neither teams formations that we’re used to on the TV.

Olympia-stadiumView from the Bayern (guests) block
Bayern block endgameFarewell to faithful — Bayern block

More about viewer experience at the Olympia stadium.

Two big displays remained static during the whole game, except briefly showing Hertha goal, and substitutions during the game.

It took me the whole halftime break to get 2 beers and 1 pretzel for which I paid €17 (incl. €2 glasses deposit). Apparently toilets are ‘disaster’. Friend of mine lost 12min at the beginning of a second half, waiting in the queue.

And another thing: I wanted to bring with me my SLR digital camera, but Bayern webpage for the audience states only 55mm zoom. So that I can’t make profi photo with fairly normal 420mm 12x zoom. I am not speaking about teleobjectives, and plus, what kind of journalistic photo I can make from 19th row?!

For all this €35 is pretty expensive ticket (=3 cinema tickets) and no wander that associations of club supporters protest. Those who make majority of audience week after week.

[Bayern lost or Hertha won? Hertha – Bayern 2:0]

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